Upscene Productions is proud to announce the first public beta of our new product "Hopper", a Stored Code Debugger for MySQL.

"After consulting with MySQL users and explaining the idea for Hopper,", says Martijn Tonies, founder of Upscene Productions. "it was clear to us that people would like to have a debugging tool for stored routines. This wasn't long ago and after releasing a Firebird and InterBase version of Hopper, we're now here to release a MySQL Edition. Eventually, debugging stored routines will be part of Database Workbench as well."

The beta is available now for MySQL, first "final versions" for InterBase and Firebird have been released earlier this month.

Do note this is a BETA version, please try as much code as you can and let us know the results!

More information available at the Hopper page, download your copy today via our downloads page, pricing information is available.