Database Workbench 4.1.1 released!

This release of Database Workbench brings you bugfixes and small enhancements and includes the FREE Lite versions for InterBase, Firebird and MySQL.

This release fixes a possible crash and some other issues.

Version 4.1 includes heavily improved SQL Insight, it now works fully for additional SQL statements: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE and has re-written parsers and context sensitive pop-up lists and works in the View Editor.

SQL Insight also includes support for Microsoft SQL Server "table functions", InterBase & Firebird system tables and Oracle "parameter insight" for Type Constructors.

Other improvements for database developers or usuability enhancements include "one click data export" for SQL result sets, improved "paste special" to recognize string lists from Delphi's "evaluate/modify"-dialog, InterBase "Database Encryption Wizard" for InterBase 2009 and up and much more.

"While the last major release was a giant leap forward with Unicode support and many other new features, we have to admit some things were left out due to time constraints. The new SQL Insight functionality is one of those things and we are glad it's included now", says Martijn Tonies, founder of Upscene Productions.

"Thanks to customer feedback, each release of Database Workbench is better than the last one so our thanks go out to you as well."

More information on Database Workbench can be found here, the full list of 24 changes is available from our tracker here, information about the 4.1.0 release can be found here.