Are you already a Database Workbench user and want to know what's new?

Database Workbench Enterprise Edition

  • Special edition for development teams
  • Central registered server & database repository in additional to locally stored server and database configuration
  • Central repository with Workspaces and Todo-lists
  • Database VCS system for meta data objects

This new addition makes for a total of 3 different editions with different prices. There's a suitable version for everyone! You can check the feature matrix to see which edition fits you best.

Improved User Interface

There are many new user interface features in Database Workbench.

  • New, more clear and consistent toolbar and object images
  • Fast Object Selection boxes with filters
  • Improved HiDPI support
  • Improved visual feedback and more consistent look and feel
  • Multithreading improvements and faster meta data loading in large databases
  • Many small changes and features added...

Improved BLOB Editor

Flexible BLOB Viewer/Editor to view documents, images or binary data in the database.

  • Improved auto-detection of content type
  • Additional supported images formats: SGI & PSP
  • Support for PDF documents
  • Support for RTF, DOC and DOCX documents

InterBase & Firebird Query Statistics

Our customers requested a graphical overview of query statistics

  • Easy overview of query statistics
  • Includes filter for different types of operations
  • Text-based statistics also available

New Database Features

New and improved for specific database engines:

  • New: SQLite support
  • MariaDB 11 support
  • Firebird 4 support
  • PostgreSQL 15 support
  • Oracle 21 support
  • InterBase 2020 support
  • PostgreSQL table inheritance and stored function overloading support
  • Oracle multi-segment expression indices support
  • InterBase System Encryption Password support
  • Create databases on SQL Server cloud services

Even More New Tools and Features!

Based on customer suggestions, we've created new tools and features

  • Ability to copy result set rows to Microsoft Excel/OpenOffice Calc
  • Easier Visual Query Builder navigation with query tree-view
  • Add tables to Visual Query Builder and auto-complete JOINs based on foreign keys
  • Visual Query Builder opens up much faster with large number of objects
  • Improved and new SQL Insight in Database Trigger, Package, Procedure and Function Editors
  • Oracle multi-schema improvements and support for multi-column expression indices
  • Faster meta data loading
  • Duplicate View now includes triggers and indices
  • Auto-detect BLOB contents in BLOB Editor
  • Blob data exported to CSV as Base64 encoded data
  • SQL Editor Data Grid footer with SUM/AVG/MIN/MAX/COUNT functionality
  • Multiple result sets in SQL Editor
  • Add related tables to a diagram based on the foreign key constraints
  • Empty Tables tool