Are you already a Database Workbench user and want to know what's new?

New Database System Support

Database Workbench 5 and 5.8 offer support for the latest versions of database systems and offers new support for MariaDB & PostgreSQL.

  • Support for MySQL 8
  • Support for PostgreSQL 13
  • Support for InterBase 2017

New User Interface Features

There are many new user interface features in Database Workbench.

  • HiDPI aware: tested with scaled fonts and includes a set of large toolbar images and object icons
  • New, more clear and more consistent toolbar, menu and database object images
  • Improved visual feedback and more consistent look and feel
  • Increased keyboard usage in data grids for improved data editing
  • Configuration changes to support longer server aliases, user names etc
  • Many small changes and features added...

New Code Editor Features

Writing code should be easy

There are several new features in the SQL and Stored Code Editor control:

  • Code Folding:
    "collapse" comments or known blocks to save space and get a better overview of your code.
  • Block Staples:
    these colored staples clarify the code flow as they show instantly where a code block starts end ends.
  • Current Block Highlighting:
    when moving the cursor up and down, the nearest block is highlighted for clarity.
  • Differently Colored Data Dictionary Tables:
    System tables, also called "Data Dictionary Tables" now have their own coloring.
  • Object Linking:
    Press the Ctrl-key and move over an object name to highlight it, click to open up an editor with the given object.

Code Folding Staples for Code Blocks Current Block Highlighting Differently Colored Data Dictionary Tables

New Diagramming Features

Our customers gave us plenty of feedback on the diagramming tools in Database Workbench, we implemented several requests:

  • Ability to create a physical database directly from the Diagram Editor
  • A "Diagram Navigator", an overview of the diagram so you can easily move through the diagram
  • Updating a diagram from the database has become much easier
  • Easily create a "link table" between two tables for n/n relationships
  • Ability to print on A3
  • Ability to create indices and constraints in the diagram Table Editor
  • Entity Identifiers, Primary or Foreign Key columns clearly marked with an icon

Different editions for different needs

Not everyone needs a complete professional database development tool: we now offer a Basic Edition at a reduced price, with an upgrade path if you happen to need more features later on.

Our even-more-fully-featured-than-before Pro Edition is available at the price you're used to.

You can check the feature matrix to see which edition fits you best.

Object "To-Do"-lists Session Persistent SQL History Database Navigator Filter Search Data Type Column Privileges Package Explorer

New Work Space and Tools Features

There's more "work space" features in Database Workbench 5 and it's easier to stay in control with these new tools:

  • Object Editors include a To-Do list and there's an overview of all To-Do items
  • The SQL History, a list of SQL statements executed in the past, is now persistent across sessions
  • There is now a "project"-based SQL/Code Catalog, to store SQL/Code snippets specific to that database
  • The new object filter in the Database Navigator let's you find objects more easily
  • "Search Database" now has the possibility to search for a data type, including domains and object types
  • The Grant Manager tool includes column based privileges
  • The Data Pump can be started directly from a session, with a source or destination database connected
  • The Package Editor includes a Package Explorer, a list with all methods and statements in the package

MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL Tunneling

New features and improvements to access 3rd party servers

For secure access to remote servers, Database Workbench has improved it's SSL access and includes SSH Tunnel technology. A custom PHP-script is available to use a HTTP tunnel (MySQL/MariaDB only).

The new embedded SSH client makes it easier to create a secure tunnel to a MySQL or PostgreSQL database running on a webhoster server, for example.

Other improvements for this scenario include support for restricted access to server commands, like no SHOW DATABASES support.

Report Editor Report Canvas Preview

Report Editor

A custom report writer is included:

  • Create (re-usable) reports based on your data
  • Use labels, lines, shapes, to design your reports
  • Store reports in files or in your Workspace Project
  • Sample reports included

Even More New Tools and Features!

Based on customer suggestions, we've created new tools and features

  • Favorites, connect to your favorite databases without expanding server nodes
  • New Script Runner tool, for large non-interactive script execution
  • New Data Compare tool, to compare the data in tables and databases
  • We've added "copy object" functionality to all object editors
  • Ability to export BLOB values to a folder
  • Ability to print on A3
  • Ability to create indices and constraints in the diagram Table Editor
  • New, faster "server output" window for Script results, with filter for errors
  • Ability to export result sets to UPDATE or DELETE statements in addition to INSERT
  • Each object editor has a "Privileges" tab to modify object grants
  • The File Compare tool can now be used to compare text on the fly
  • SQL Insight improvements
  • Faster meta data loading
  • Ability to group databases for a server in custom folders
  • Dependency browsing improvements