Database Workbench has a consistent user interface for different database systems across different DBMS versions.

A consistent well thought out user interface saves you time and money, allows you to do your work faster and easier.

Visual Database Object Editors

Database Workbench includes visual editors for all the different types of database objects: tables, indices, views, constraints, events etc etc...

These visual editors are consistent across the different database systems and you don't have to type any SQL statements to create database objects.

  • Consistent visual object editors for all supported database systems
  • No need to enter database system specific meta data SQL statements
  • Ability to extract meta data SQL statements
  • Easily browse, duplicate or drop database objects

Visual Management Tools

Visual tools to manage object privileges, users and user privileges, view server properties are included, allow you to administer your server and databases more easily.

  • Easily get an overview of different options and current settings
  • Quickly modify existing options without having to enter SQL statements
  • Ability to extract meta data SQL statements

Modern Code Editors

The code editors have many useful features, including:

  • Unicode support
  • SQL Insight ("Code Insight" for SQL statemens)
  • Parameter Insight
  • Code Templates
  • Current Block Highlighting (eg: BEGIN..END)
  • Code Staples (eg: BEGIN..END, IF..END IF)
  • Code Folding