Database Workbench includes a diagramming tool that supports both Conceptual Data Modeling and Physical Data Modeling.

The Diagram Editor allows you to

Conceptual Data Modelling

A Conceptual Model (CDM) is database system agnostic type of model and applies to business rules without going into the underlying physical representation in a database while a Physical Data Model (PDM) is the exact model for a database. From a CDM you can generate a PDM for a given database system including any database system specific data types or database objects like "domains".

After creating a database agnostic conceptual data model, you can generate a physical model. The Diagram Editor will generate intermediate tables and foreign key constraints for you. See the screen shots.

Reverse Engineering and Physical Models

Besides creating a Physical Data Model yourself, you can also "reverse engineer" an existing database to get an overview of the tables and relationships in your database.

Afterwards, a diagram can be updated when changes in the database occurred, so your documentation is up-to-date.