Database Workbench offers features not found in free-ware tools or the MySQL tools and is a fast performing native Windows tool but works fine under Wine as well!

Why use Database Workbench for MySQL or MariaDB?

Benefits that make Database Workbench the right tool for database design and development include:

Debug Stored Procedures and Triggers

Set breakpoints, watch variables and table data

Using stored procedures can give you huge benefits, but debugging them can be a tedious job. With the help of Database Workbench, it becomes easier to use stored procedures and triggers as you can walk through the code step-by-step and see what's going on.

MySQL and MariaDB Tunneling

SSL, SSH tunnel and HTTP tunnel support

For secure access to remote servers, Database Workbench can use SSL and includes SSH Tunnel and HTTP Tunnel options. A custom PHP-script is available to complete the HTTP tunnel.

The SSH tunnel makes it easier to connect to a MySQL database running on a webhoster server, for example.