IB LogManager - Main Window

The IB LogManager Product Family is a suite of tools which helps you to keep track of data changes in your InterBase® and Firebirdtm database.

But, it's more than simply integrating a logging/auditing mechanism in your InterBase® and Firebirdtm database, because the available add-on's will help you to manage and to process log data in different ways.

Key Features

Below is a list of key features for IB LogManager.

Your version of InterBase and Firebird is supported

The IB Logmanager Product Family supports InterBase version 5 and up and Firebird version 1 and up

Server-side mechanism avoids application changes
Controlled and extensive auditing
Viewable results

You and your users (or database administrators) can browse, export and print the logged data changes.

Add-on tools

Products & Tools in the Family

The IB LogManager Product Family currently consists of the following products/tools: