About Us

Company focus

The main focus of Upscene Productions is creating software specifically aimed at database developers. We strive to make their job easier, increase their productivity and enabling them to develop their applications and responding to changes rapidly.

Being a small company enables us to focus not only on our software, but also on our customers and listening to their feedback when planning new features or products.

How it all started

Back in the Spring of 2001, Martijn Tonies published the early beta's of a tool called "InterBase Workbench" (later to be known under the name "Database Workbench") under the company name of "Upscene Productions", a name used for software tools development on the Commodore 64.

As InterBase Workbench improved and users enjoyed the tool, things got official in May 2002, the company "Upscene Productions" got registered.

In the years after that, the product line expanded and other database systems were to be supported in the different tools as well.

Since then, Upscene Productions has proven to be a viable company, ready to support the latest features in different database systems and enabling software developers to do their jobs as good as possible.