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Debugging Stored Code Made Easy

Welcome to Hopper, our Database Stored Routine Debugger tool named after the late Admiral Grace Hopper for popularizing the term "debugging".

Hopper is a standalone tool to debug database stored code, like Stored Procedures and Triggers. These routines normally run at the server, inside your database and cannot be debugged with your normal development tool.

Key Benefits

Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers are often used during database development, however, Firebird, InterBase and MySQL don't provide a way to debug stored code in the database, running at the server, nor do they provide a programmers API to create one.

Hopper fills this gap by emulating the server side code at the client computer allowing you to step through your code statement by statement. This gives you the much needed insight in your code during development and bug fixing.

Step through your code and investigate what's going on
  • Test your code by using the debugger, step through your code line by line to see what's going on.
  • Evaluate and modify variable values, evaluate expressions for their result value
  • Check the call stack and calling parameters, eg when using recursive procedures
  • Add expression watches, evaluated after each statement
  • Check data during execution by using the SQL Editor
Set breakpoints with or without conditions

Hopper allows you to set breakpoints, places where the debugger should automatically stop executing code as soon as the given position is reached. Breakpoints can be conditional, so that they only break on a given condition.

Looking for a development tool as well as debugging?

Take a look at Database Workbench, our fully featured database development environment that includes stored code debugging, design, development and testing tools for multiple database systems.

Available Editions

Hopper is available for InterBase, Firebird and MySQL.

  • Firebird - supporting Firebird, including the new features of Firebird 3 once released.
  • InterBase - supporting InterBase from version 6 onward.
  • MySQL - supporting MySQL from version 5 onward.