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Database Workbench

Trial Pro Edition

Version 4.4.7 (2014-06-17), full install version, 26Mb.
Trial version: DBWorkbench4ProTrial.exe

Free Lite Edition

Currently not available - please download the Trial version instead.

FB TraceManager
Version 3.5.1 (2014-04-07), zip file with instructions.

Trial Version

Trial version of the Enterprise Edition, functional for 30 days.
Trial version:

Free Lite Edition


Version 1.5.1 (2014-06-16), full install, 4Mb.

Latest Version

Firebird Edition: HopperTrialFb1.exe
InterBase Edition: HopperTrialIB1.exe
MySQL Edition: HopperTrialMySQL1.exe

Advanced Data Generator
Version 3.2.0 (2014-01-07), full install version, +/- 10Mb

Trial Version

Pro Edition (ADO & ODBC):ADGTrialPro3.exe
InterBase Edition:ADGTrialIB3.exe
Firebird Edition:ADGTrialFb3.exe
MySQL Edition:ADGTrialMySQL3.exe

IB LogManager
Version 2.12.5 (14-10-2013)

Trial Version

IB LogManager (full): (4.4 Mb)
IB LogManager (exe): (2.9 Mb)
IBLMViewer: (2.8 Mb)

IB LogManager Add-on

IBLMPump v2.12.5: (1.1 Mb)
IBLMRedo_cmd v2.12.5: (1.1 Mb)

Additional Files

UDF Library v1.1: (127 Kb) - 32-bit and 64-bit (x64/amd64) for Windows and Linux

MSSQL LogManager
Version (03-01-2006), full install version.

Trial Version (2.3 Mb) (1.5 Mb)

ADS LogManager
Version 3.0 (2011-09-07), full install version.

Trial Version

ADS LogManager for ADS 10: (7.3 Mb)
ADSLMViewer for ADS 10: (2.1 Mb)
ADS LogManager for ADS 8 and 9: (3.4 Mb)
ADSLMViewer for ADS 8 and 9: (1.8 Mb)

ADS LogManager Add-on

ADSLMExport v2.3.0 for ADS 8 and 9: (880 Kb)

NDB LogManager
Version v1.7.0.2 Final (01-28-2008), full install version.

Trial Version

NDB LogManager: (2.6 Mb)
NDBLMViewer: (1.9 Mb)

NDB LogManager Add-on

NDBLMExport v1.0.0.0: (0.9 Mb)

InterXpress for Firebird

Version 2.4.0 (2013-04-25), limited to 20 command cursors or 30 transactions - whichever comes first (limitation removed in licensed version), archive with installation instructions and development history.

Supports Delphi 6 (DBX 2.5) through Delphi 2006 (DBX 3.0) and Delphi 2007 through Delphi 2010 (via a DBX 4 to 3 Delegate Driver)

No new versions of this driver will be created, because Embarcadero created a driver for newer Delphi versions.

Trial Version, Server Edition

Delphi &
Kylix:libdbxup_fb220-trial.tar.gz (no changes since 2.2.0)