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FB TraceManager V2.0.0 released!


We are proud to announce a new major release V2.0.0 of FB TraceManager, currently the only specialized tool available on the market, which exposes the new Firebird 2.5 Trace API in a very user-friendly way.

This release adds:

  • Re-written multi-threading model for better GUI responsive and lower CPU utilization when running busy trace sessions.
  • Improved raw output, including: displaying row numbers, custom background color for new trace event lines, SQL syntax highlighting, trace event block folding, custom bookmarks, easy navigation to parsed trace event.
  • Improved parsed outuput, including: footer band for applying aggregate functions (min, max, count, count distinct) per trace data column, column header icon for filtered columns, copy / set filter per column value, easy navigation to raw trace event
  • Improved usability in various areas across the product
  • Bugfixes for better stability
More information on FB TraceManager is available here.

A trial version can be downloaded here and pricing information can be found here.